A life coach plays an important role of motivator, strategist and travelling companion in life’s journey. Their goal is to help you reach your goal. Unlike a personal trainer a life coach addresses the whole person, not just cardiovascular, or fitness levels of a personal trainer. Life coaching goes much deeper by working to balance the physical and mental aspects of person helping them achieve their goals and ambitions and in doing so help overcome their blocks or negative programming. Life is a journey of exploration and if you are going to realise a level of fulfilment in your life you will need to explore uncharted territory. The life coach is your travelling companion on this journey, they are not there to tell you what to do; the journey is yours to make. Many people find the journey easier with a guide and travelling companion, they are there to support, motivate and empower you in your moments of doubt and confusion by being that still little voice that adds reason..

A Holistic Life Coach takes this one step further, by combining physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the person viewed as a holistic whole. We believe that a person is an intrinsic part of an evolving universe and therefore shares the same evolutionary potential.  By helping to bring a person into harmony with the universe it brings more completeness to the life of the person releasing much more of their inner and hidden potential.

Eamon Brooks Holistic Life Coach

After many years working as a healer and counsellor I came to the realisation that I was healing the same people with the same recurring problems in a never ending circle.  I was curing them of the ailment by removing blocks and negativity but was not tackling the cause, their programming and lifestyle, after a while the imbalance would return.

I realised I needed to adopt a new way of doing things  instead of just healing the patient’s emotional, physical or spiritual ailment in the short term, I could help guide the person to find their inner self buried deep within their fears and programming. Thus empowering them to heal themselves.

Of course the human being can be inherently lazy and many would prefer someone to come along healing them, taking away their pain and leaving. So for the minority who feel there is more to life than they can currently achieve and feel the need to express their full potential there is the Transcendence Guide.

Transcendence does not happen at the flick of a switch, there is rarely a blinding flash of inspiration bringing total enlightenment. It is a journey that for most of us has to be made on a path that is not always easy, as in life. I cannot make that journey for anyone but I can act as a guide and travelling companion.


The journey is a journey of discovery into areas of understanding that the traveller has no experience of, it is at these times a guide helps bring understanding, support and motivation during the trials you face.


Eamon Brooks

Holistic Life Coaching
A Holistic Life Coach



A Friend

A Guide

A Supporter

An Inspiration

A Confidence Builder

A source of Ideas

Someone who brings focus into your life

Someone to share and discuss your challenges in life.

Is not:

Someone who's going to do it for you

Someone who will tell you what to do

Someone who will dictate who you should be

The relationship between a life coach and a client is a very special one. Like having that special friend who will always be there for you, but with an emotional neutrality.

If you succeed they will praise you, if you screw up they will work with you to understand why it happened and help you to learn how not to repeat the mistakes you make in life.

Life Coaches help you with many aspects of your life:

  • Self Esteem/Image Confidence

  • Relationships

  • Home

  • Career

  • Stress

The Holistic approach to Life Coaching does not  focus on the main aspects, rather it brings all aspects into balance.

Beating the enemy within


Each and everyone of us have within a tremendous potential to have a fulfilled and happy life. So, why don’t we all have a life of bliss?

Life is a very complex mechanism and it becomes even more complicated with personal interactions. The problem is that we spend so much time just trying to survive we never seem to have the time or energy to work on improving our lives and progress. In business they call it fire fighting, we are all fire fighters in our own little worlds and we are so focused on all these little fires that we fail to realise that most of our lives are not actually on fire!

If we took time to stand back and look at our world and ourselves and see the whole picture we could then see the transcending path we need to take.

Most people’s lives do not progress for two reasons; Fear and Programming

Fear of change, of the unknown and of ourselves! Every event of our lives adds to our programming, every negative event and every positive event.

Unfortunately pain leaves a greater impression on the psyche than pleasure so the negative events are the stronger in our programming, causing a negative spiral in many people’s lives.

Be free, learn to overcome fear and learn how to overcome your Programming.


A Holistic Life Coach helps you learn how to take responsibility for your life define your personal empowerment and transcend your limitations!

The Transcendence Guide Awakening Human Potential