About Eamon

From Shaman Healer to Transcendence Guide.

Eamon is a Shaman Healer and teacher of Holistic Healing Techniques with many years experience and currently is based in Cyprus.


He is descended from a family line of healers in the West of Ireland and was born into a family tradition of healing and the sight. His mother, grandmother and great grandmother before were the healers of the village and those before them too. He grew up with the ways of healing and the stories told around the fires, though much too young at the time to understand the full import of the life that he was to inherit as a hereditary healer.


His mentors from within and beyond family ties now long gone from this world took him at a very young age and gave him the vision which would guide him through his life. Their mentoring was not academic, it was about doing and learning through experience.


Since then he has spent many years learning and developing his skills in healing, and shamanism generally. In the past he has presented “The Earth Spirit” program on My Spirit Radio which covered all aspects of the Earth Spirit, from shamanism and healing to Geopathic Stress and much more. He has also in the past written articles for Prediction and Destiny magazines, presented lectures and talks on shamanism, healing and mysticism. Currently he runs one to one and small group workshops on Shamanism and organises occasional study groups for personal and spiritual enhancement.

Eamon Brooks Holistic Life Coach and Shaman Healer