Who needs a Holistic Life Coach

Whether you are ambitious, dissatisfied or generally find life a struggle, having a Holistic Life Coach can be of great benefit to you. Holistic Life Coaching looks at you as a whole, not just one aspect of your life that you may think is lacking. Holistic Life Coaching is best suited to those people who understand there is a 'Bigger picture" than just what we see around us. It is best suited to creative, artistic and spiritually inspired people.

Is it for everyone?

Life coaching can help everyone as long as they are open minded and accepting of change. Also some people expect almost instant and 'miraculous' changes, this rarely happens although the changes start to manifest quite quickly but it is a gradual process. What your life coach is doing is showing you how to change and develop to each situation you meet.  The biggest block to progress is a persons fear of change, they look for change but when it starts to happen and they edge closer to the edge of their comfort zone they panic. People are comfortable with familiarity change to takes you into unfamiliar territory!

Traditional coaching with face to face consultations can be done in Cyprus. In this modern age though consultations are done mostly online using Skype or other video chat methods and by using messenger clients for the frequent support.


Eamon is happy to do Workshops, Seminars and public Speaking anywhere as long as all costs are covered.

Holistic Life Coaching (Cyprus)


Online consulting (Worldwide)

Eamon Brooks Holistic Life Coach